Meet Tyler

Tyler Kamerman is a Financial Planner, Speaker, and Podcaster.

The name of his podcast is “Pursue Your Passion” and that’s exactly the journey he is on and the one he wants to help you navigate as well.

Whether its through his speaking & training, his podcasts or his coaching, Tyler helps fun, successful people to “Be more intentional about Pursuing their Passion,” and map out a path to do more of what they were put on the planet to do.

Tyler is consistently spinning more plates than he should be in Des Moines, IA with his wife and their two children. The Kamerman’s have a passion-filled household and are very active in their church and community!

Tyler Kamerman

Permanent Passions

Let’s talk about that passion. Tyler’s Permanent Passions – deep rooted and unchanging – center on his faith and his family. He is a Christ follower, and a devoted husband and dad, and all of his passions, the directions he goes, and the decisions he makes are based on those foundations.

Powerful Passions

Tyler has been chasing his Powerful Passion – being an Entertainer – for nearly as long as he can remember. From coming up with movie synopsis’ in his parent’s living room, to gracing the stages of TePaske Theatre in Sioux Center, Iowa, that Powerful Passion was already evident at a young age. He believes for many people that is the case…sometimes you just have to go back there to find it.

The pursuit of that Powerful Passion has taken him from all over the country, including 8 years in Los Angeles, but as with many people, that passion got buried under a mortgage, a job, other responsibilities, (insert your favorite excuse here).

Pivotal Moment

Then one day he was walking with his son, talking about creative things and Ian looks up and says – “Dad, if you want to make movies and making movies would make you happy, then you should make movies.” “I could have told him all the reason’s why I can’t just quit my job and start making movies. But instead I looked at him and said, “you’re right bud. If you’ve got a dream, you can’t give up on it.”

Pathway Passions

This was a pivotal moment for several reasons. Tyler made a commitment that every day he would do at least one thing that would move him in the direction of his Powerful Passion. But this new drive also started him on the journey of discovering a new Powerful Passion – helping others intentionally pursue their passions. From here he has recognized Pathway Passions – the Pursue Your Passion podcast, speaking to groups and organizations on ways to better inspire their people, and coaching other individuals on a similar journey.

If you’ve got a dream in your heart, but you’ve never taken the first step, or if you’re in the middle of a struggle and you’re feeling beatdown, if you’ve succeeded in all your ventures and are wondering what’s next, or if you’re not even sure just what your calling is – Tyler would love to come along on your adventure; to help you realize your potential and fully pursue your passion!

Tyler Kamerman

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