Random Acts of Kindness 2.0

I love hearing stories of people doing caring things for others to brighten their day. Some random acts are small – smiling and saying hello, holding the door, helping someone cross the street; and others are big – a $1000 tip, giving away a car, replacing a families clothes after a fire. Whatever the gesture, […]

Pivotal Moments – Part One

I have been working on the verbiage for my website and in the middle of writing My Story, I shared what I would call a “Pivotal Moment,” that I experienced a couple of years ago. Hey…You…Wake up! Have you had a moment in your life where you were like – woah, there’s a lesson to […]

Start Your Day Off Right

Most of what you will hear/read about daily routines from successful leaders and entrepreneurs involves a ridiculously early beginning to the day followed by regimented list of activities before they head into the office. There’s even a book called the 5 AM Club – it’s on my reading list, but I haven’t gotten to it […]

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